Consolidated CETA Text

The text of the CETA agreement is made public here exclusively for information purposes. The text presented in this document is the text at the end of the negotiations conducted by the European Commission. It will be subject to legal revision in order to verify the internal consistency and to ensure that the formulations of the negotiating results are legally sound. It will thereafter be transmitted to the Council of the European Union and to the European Parliament for ratification. The text presented in this document is not binding under international law and will only become so after the completion of the ratification process….


>>The text, which is made public here is an horrible document including the negotiations between the European Commission and the government of Canada. What they call a “free trade agreement” is in truth a license for economic monopolies. Each text page is nearly incomprehensible. The first reviewer of the LQ was falling to sleep after “The Preamble” on page 6, the second while reading “Section 3: Non Discriminatory Treatment Article X.6: National Treatment” on page 156, the third falled down his head on page 161, and the fourth got the shits beginning to read the annex up page 521: “Canada tariff offer Canada’s Negative List Tariff Schedule Tariff Item Description Base Rate StagingCategory Note 01051122: Broilers for domestic production: Over access commitment 238% but not less than 30.8¢ each”. Mark: 6 (ai,ax,ün,ur)<<